Wednesday, March 16, 2005

reasons to be blogging 1-2-3

This is I suppose a statement of intent, an explanation, to myself as much as anyone, about why I think it's worth adding my own voice to the thousands and thousands of other textual ranters, shouting on their little digital soapboxes on this worldwide speakers corner.

Because I think I've got something to say. There is an element of narcissism and pretension in all blogs really. I mean why else would anyone want to give strangers a little window into their thoughts? The argument that 'I'm just writing for myself and if anyone else reads it is a bonus' is bollocks really, if you wanted that then what's the point of putting it on the web in the first place?

Because I want to write more. I like writing, I like the space my head goes to when words are just flowing out and I figure that having something like this will make me sit down and write more. If you want to get good at something you've got to do it a lot.

I don't want this to be just an online diary analysing my life in minutia, today I got up and went to the shops and bought some milk etc, I want it as a clearing house for the thoughts that just want to tumble out.

Plus my memory is shit and my organisation nil so it will be good to get things down in a form I can't lose before I forget them.

Because it might make my life more interesting. Not that it isn't already (he says quickly) but the fact of having to find something regular to write about I'm hoping will spur me into finding interesting stuff to do.

Because it's there. Free, easily accessible publishing with a potentially world wide audience. Never in the course of human history have you been able to talk to the whole world about whatever you want (even if it is about what to call your goldfish) you'd be fucking mad not to take advantage of it.

So welcome to my blog, another navel gazer blathering on about his own obsessions. Come back
in a year and find this is still the only post.

Disclaimer: The author is a dyslexic so makes no apologies for any grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors. Just be glad the words are in the right order (most of the time)


Anonymous paul said...

Hear hear! I'll second all of that, though I'm unable to play the dyslexic card for my atrochus spelling, grammar and punctuation! Just a lack of interest in English at school as blowing things up in chemistry, wrapping my head round tricky mathematical formulas and performing physics experiments was much more interesting... :o)

12:09 am, April 16, 2005  
Anonymous jan-o-wales said...

Pretentious? Narcissistic? I don't think so.
self obsesssed navel gazer? quite probable.
A brave pioneer of his own self, open to criticism from unknown quarters, worthy of admiration? definately!
keep it flowing :-)

11:18 am, August 13, 2005  
Blogger mangakissa said...

I have finally buckled to what is "all the rage" nowadays... surprisingly this new age digital expression of inner thoughts to a global community paves a way for me to evolve my own interests and most importantly tarnish my own ego and pretention to the "world wide web" (sounds so last century)... this by no means will involve me taking a trip down 'anoraks'r'us' to find the tightest toggle hood available.

Words here are far too complex and intelligent for a mere mortal like me to comprehend, so try and keep paragraphs short and words to one syllable, two at most (I know I spelt 'syllable' right as I looked it up in a dictionary in my attempt to sound clever'er), but I thought I have my say at the shere creative brilliance at how the words are stringed fluidly and the articles wrote on here is pure poetic art.

9:53 pm, November 13, 2005  

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