Tuesday, August 09, 2005

You're a fool if you think it's over

But for the moment it is. After 2 odd years of seemingly endless lost weekends and evenings with my head buried in books (OK no change there), or writing essays, or designing lesson plans, or drawing stick men in anatomically questionable positions. After countless bizarre and meaningful conversations regarding the nature of existence, the meaning of the Self and how the fuck do you explain it all in less than 2000 words. After countless hours of driving to and from Wales and spending many weekends half way up a mountain (OK a very big hill, but mountain sounds better) locked in a farm house debating, writing and bending with some very lovely people. It is finally over, I am now a fully paid up member of the Yogi squad, a British Wheel of Yoga qualified teacher.

With my new teacher status I'm able to levitate at will, wear a loin cloth in public without fear of arrest and my countless disciples must throw rose petals before me wherever I go (well OK the levitation may need some work and I need to get some disciples before I start handing out the rose petals, but if the weather's good this weekend I might try the loincloth).

So after all that was it worth it? Well at the risk of sounding like I've escaped from 'Team America', Fuck yeah! People tell you at the beginning that it is a life changing experience and to be perfectly honest I didn't believe them, it's just a course right? You do a few essays and get a bit of paper at the end and that's it. Well now I'm here and looking back I can see they were totally right.

Hand on heart this has been probably one of the best experiences of my life. It's altered and widened my view of Yoga and what it is, made me question and re-evaluate my reasons for teaching, made me realise that I was stuck in a self destructive pattern at work and caused me to totally change my job, it has inspired me to start writing again, rekindled my interest in all things esoteric and (last but by no means least) it has introduced me to a group of the most interesting, inspiring, diverse and truly lovely people I've ever had the pleasure to meet. What more could you want?

Right I'd best stop now before I go all misty eyed and the audience starts to vomit, I'm going to go and sit on my laurels for a bit and think about what I can do with my new found teacher status (I get a card and everything, I'm looking forward to waving it at people and shouting 'Yoga teacher, get down on the floor and relax!'). Hmmm the possibilities are endless, you know I've always fancied myself as a cult leader. White robes never go out of fashion and it'd be handy having all those disciples to do the washing up (and the rose petals, mustn't forget the rose petals).....


Anonymous jan-o-wales said...

May I,being one of the interesting, inspiring, diverse and lovely people(aw shucks :-) ) that you met on the course offer my whole hearted agreement and my feelings about what the course has taught me via a quote from the Bhagavad Gita: (expressing the Essence of Divinity)
"I am the slight delicate scent, the sweet fragrance of the earth. I am the brilliance in both fire and sun. I am the light of Divinity in all beings. I am the subtle spirit in spiritual practices that gives them their existence - I am the love in the devotee, for example, or the austerity in the ascetic, or the sweet sense of charity in the giver" (Ch7:9)
This quote sums up the precious gift i have recieved from the course, clarity of vision and unlimited optimism on tap.
I had anticipated something of a 'come down' at this end of the course but i'm still as high as the proverbial kite. And those rose petals Adam,they don't get any sweeter smelling than the ones in wales :-)

10:36 am, August 14, 2005  
Anonymous paul said...

Bucket, rose petals and all the "hey teach!" jokes aside, I'm dead chuffed for you mate so here's some immortal words from the book of Paul...

Nice One :o)

1:11 am, September 12, 2005  
Blogger Adam said...

Cheers me dears, it's been a month or so now and I'm still digesting all the changes it's produced. There's a definite transition period going on in my life right now.


10:48 pm, September 12, 2005  

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