Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Nothing new under the sun

So reading this on technoccult got me thinking.

A 'New' idea is generally going to be a combination of two things, firstly an amalgamation of knowledge already gained (or 'older' ideas) and secondly a novel way of organising or combining this knowledge into something that is greater than the sum of it's parts.

Nothing new is ever created in isolation to previous experience, our knowledge is laid down like sediment then twisted in the heat of our ideas to come out as something seemingly unrecognisable but still formed of it's constituent parts.

What makes an idea new and exciting for the individual is not
necessarily the newness of the idea but rather our own previous experience. I still remember the first time I heard Jimi Hendrix play guitar, even though the man died four years before I was born that experience was new and astounding to me. To my Dad however, who was around when Jimi first appeared, he was just Jimi Hendrix.

I suppose there is a point in everyone's lives where things begin to repeat and you begin to see things that seemed new and fresh in your youth come round in a different guise. I think I'm starting to get to that point because I can't help look at supposedly 'hot' new talent like
Willy Mason without thinking of all the earnest young singer song writers that have come before him, pouring out their collective hearts over steel strings and singing about how we can all change the world.

Is this though a sign of age or a product of our media saturated world, where old intellectual property is being constantly plundered and repackaged in an attempt for a fast buck? Are we just maxing out on supersize information culture where our minds are expanding like the waistline of a fast food addict?

I suppose though the up side of all this is that the increase in information and experience in our lives provides more fertile ground for our ideas to grow, we have more raw materials to combine in exciting ways, we have enough around that we can demand only the best and not have to survive on what we can cobble together and we look at the best examples and try and surpass them.


Anonymous jan-o-wales said...

I think it is a sign of age when we start to recognise patterns like this.
'new' is anything that is experienced for the first time and youth obviously holds the key to the 'new age'of alternative systems and 'newborn' beliefs. soon the 'newagers' are faced with 'newcomers' who bring their 'newfangled' ideas and testaments.
Even the bible was 'renewed' by a mind intent on reinvigorating the world.
I also think its important to remember what its like to see things through fresh eyes,even when ours are becoming a little worn out.Its this excitement and enthusiasm that extends the newel of time.This is what eternity is made of.
With each newmoon i witness there is a flutter in my heart as i remember the rush that accompanies each 'enlightening' experience i've ever had.Also find spirit knowing that as we get older we no longer need to tread the winding stairs, instead we are elevated by fresh energies of the young (a kind of 'stella stair lift')
as long as we dont get too heavy of course;-)
I suppose the point of my ramblings is that Yes, i do think that new ideas are born all the time, beautiful,majical ideas from inspired people.Its up to us to inspire*

1:18 pm, August 22, 2005  

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