Saturday, April 02, 2005

Cunning Folk

Went to a talk on cunning folk last night at a bookshop in London called Treadwells, good night very informal. Everyone mingles upstairs and then goes downstairs for the talk after which we came back upstairs for wine and more chat.

The talk itself was very interesting, it was by Owen Davies and was based on his book Cunning Folk which I'm about half way through. It focused on one particular cunning man who was to all intents and purposes a right bastard, basically a huxter and multiple bigamist who was out to fleece the unwary. He got caught up in dealing with a slightly unhinged client who ended up killing his wife because of a misinterpreted astrologically reading, which brought notoriety and eventual imprisonment.

I really enjoyed the talk and I met some interesting and friendly people afterwards, you're made to feel very welcome which is nice, definitely going to go back for some of the other talks they've got lined up in coming weeks.

I've written a more general review of the history of Cunning Folk over at Key23 , so click the link below to read more.

Cunning Folk Article


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