Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Dancing at the end of the Universe

I step into the club, dermic sensory web feeling the air around me plugging into the clubs network. A tingling crawls across my skin as the hook-up takes place, HUD display flickers up in front of my eyes giving me the clubs menu, something for all tastes. I scan the different music and reality sets available and tune into a couple of samples.

Dharma Burn bangra dub, clubbers transformed into whirling Hindu deities. Blue skin, many arms and Elephant tusks. Next, Abduction. Sound track switches to deep bass at a cellular level. Dancing grey skinned and silver clad aliens floating by. Bottomless black eyes reflecting me, reflecting you into infinite regress. Flick to Dreamtime. Shamanic rhythm pounding, naked and tattooed swirling round the bonfire of creation.

Suddenly the drumming is drowned out by an irritating jingle, colours bleed and I'm jolted back into the club. I look around confused suddenly noticing that everyone looks the same, almost identical grinning faces turn towards me all wearing the same bright logo emblazoned clothing. Simultaneously they raise cans of Cola to their lips, faces ecstatic like Catholics before the Holy Virgin. I fight a sudden strong desire to join them, to lose my self in their bland acceptance. Viral meme marketing, someone's slipped into the club carrying an infection. I'm annoyed that the bouncers didn't catch them but glad I had the forethought to update my virus definitions before I left tonight. Inoculation kicks in and my perceptions return to normal, I send a mind-mail to the doorman registering a complaint.

Postponing my choice for the moment I move further into the throng, sliding through the writhing mass of people all seemingly merged into one entity, like some cuthulian deity called up in diabolic ritual.

A woman dances across my path ultrasound skinsuit showing off her impressive internal organs. Her partner gyrates next to her, eyes staring into some far off vista, the intelligent algae patterns beneath her skin gently pulsing and changing colour spreading fractal rainbows.

I modify my body chemistry slightly, increasing endorphin levels. As the warm rush fills my veins I briefly toy with the idea of something stronger, then I catch a Mach23 user out of the corner of my eye. A whirling dervish of flaying arms and wild eyes, his metabolism maxed up on hyper-amphetamine. To his time stretched perception everyone else will be moving in bullet-time slow motion, whining drill sound music sounding normal to his ears. Discouraged I decide against it for tonight.

My decision finally made I flip back to the menu, choosing Samadhi I download the set into my nervous system. Senses blossom, conciouness expanding into the digital architecture. Mind linking with everyone on the network, mantra hum of the universe, I am you and you are me, we are all together. Smiling in bliss I dive into the crowd and begin to dance.....


Anonymous jan-o-wales said...

Wow. That was some vision. I've never been one who is satisfied with vicarious adventure but i like the shape of the your lenses!
There's a large element of reality in your imagination, the kind of stuff the future is made of.
I like it a lot :-)

11:51 am, August 17, 2005  
Blogger Vittoria Russo said...

beautiful. was totally lost in your words for a few blissful moments, so for that..thank you. x

11:45 am, November 26, 2005  

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